Friday 4-5pm

Red Rallyers

April 13th-June 1st

Cost $269 per participant/$25 sibling discount

Drills for forehand and backhand, we play lots of games and introduce students to hitting back and forth using Red Ball.

Friday 4-5pm

Orange Crush

April 13th-June 1st

Cost $269 per partiicpant/$25 sibling discount

Lots of drills for forehand, backhand and volley using Orange Ball. Intro to serve. There is more emphasis on movement, topspin, and hitting back and forth. Scoring and rules. We play lots of games too!


Riverside Park

Please call us for any questions about our program

If you do not have a racquet, we will provide you with one!!!!


If you register late for a session, you are allowed to pro rate the session.


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